Areas We Cover

With golden dunes, sunny coastal views, breath taking wide open national parks, and plenty of fresh produce Devon is the county to be in down in the South West for the best events around. You can set up an event just about anywhere here in Devon be assured of incredible views all around, and of course with some of the highest quality local meat, fruit, and veg in England you can be assured of the very best foods at your event too.

At least, that will be the case when you bring Hog Roast Barnstaple’s specialised catering to your event as we make the most of local produce always and turn your event dining experience into a stylish, unique, spectacle filled dining experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Fortunately for you in Devon, this immense dining experience is available for events all around Devon. If there is an event to be had and dining to be enjoyed, then you can bet the Hog Roast Barnstaple will be there. You will see below all of the areas we cover around the county, so come find your local Hog Roast Barnstaple team in there!

High Bickington
North Molton
South Molton

From Plymouth to Exeter, Barnstaple to Bideford, the English Riviera to Dartmoor and Exmoor, you can find the best of event catering with your local Hog Roast Barnstaple team. Our team will come out to your event with a fresh stock of high-end local produce and put on sizzling spectacle of the most exquisite roast dining available in catering. Our name describes our namesake dish and the style in which we cook our meats too. Hog roast cooking is an incredible culinary method of roasting that brings out better tastes and flavours from your roast while also looking incredible too. It is an event in itself made special for your event.

We also offer many other freshly made sides and salads to go along with our perfect meaty roast. We know that Devon comes famous for its “cream tea” too, so we have plenty of sweet, savoury, and chocolatey desserts to satisfy your appetite. To find the right menu and the right service for your event you need only find your local Hog Roast Barnstaple team in the list above and start talking to us about all things event and dining. We’ll craft the perfect dining experience for your most special occasions in life, all without breaking the bank too!